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You have been assigned to the VIOLATOR ship. Your goal is to raid enemy territory and destroy troop supplies. For this special long-range mission away from the supply ship, scientists have developed the Sawoid, an entirely new type of armament that does not require ammunition. Nothing could withstand the devastating Sawoid. However, there is one drawback, Sawoid is hard to master! Download this free full version of the game today and good luck, special! Free game features: - Modern 3D graphics. - Extraordinarily addictive game play. - Unique power-ups. - Cool effects, huge explosions! - Original soundtrack and powerful sound effects; - Unique power-ups. - option to save / load the game; - game statistics; - Free full version game without any restrictions, free games, arcade games.


Download Sawoid game for free for PC

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Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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