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The people of Rivermoor did not have long to celebrate their previous victory and discover all the missing long runes. By the next morning, they were already robbed from under their noses! Travel through the kingdom of Silverdale as you track down a bandit thief!

Find maps of secret locations and unlock reward levels. Complete missions for people across the kingdom to earn new reinforcements and upgrades. Meet new characters who help you along the way as you track down clues to find the missing runes. Equip yourself with a massive force of reinforcements and make your way through the Cliffhaven Mountains. Are you ready for adventure? free games .


Game features:

  • Discover huge levels.
  • The characters are fully voiced!
  • You can earn dozens of power-ups, upgrades, and rewards.
  • Gorgeous HD pictures.
  • Beautiful orchestral soundtrack.

System requirements

Release date: March 11, 2022

Genre: Match 3

Game Developer: Play Academy

Operating System: Windows

Language: US English

Memory: 1024MB RAM

File size: 273 MB

Download Runefall 2 for free for PC

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