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Download Pubg game for computer and mobile latest version


Pubg, this game that caused a very sensation in the Arab world and the world at large, and this game has received a very great demand from lovers of fighting games as this game has been released multiple versions of it to work on smartphones that support the Android operating system and iPhone phones, and many Programs that simulate the Android environment have been released on the computer to run the game, as these emulators were specifically released for the game  Pubg .

Pubg game with direct link

The game of Peggy is one of the best action games that have been released for phones, and many programs that simulate Android have been launched recently to run the game on a computer, not only that, but many operating systems have been released that run on the same Android environment to run the game very quickly because it gives you better control over the phone, this game is a game that simulates one of the soldiers who are fighting so many people and you must survive in order to win, the game  Pubg  is a game of survival means that we must not fight or attack , but you must play During the acquisition of weapons, you will find weapons inside houses on the ground Z, where you collect the equipment you need from weapons and armor and at times night vision binoculars and there are many weapons that need some accessories, which vary greatly and we will explain to you in detail.

Pubg weapons game

As we know that the game of Pubg depends mainly on the fighting spirit and fighting and remains in the end for the strongest, and in order to be able to reach the end of the game, you must first collect the weapons that you can carry, such as the weapons in the game on the computer are the basis and also all the different versions of the game PUBG for phones and PUBG for the computer, and through our additional games, we show you in detail the weapons in the game of PUBG and we use them to win.

  • The telephoto lens in the game PUBG  : which is popular among gamers, as the SCAB, which differs between the computer and smartphone version, is the maximum in the 8x smartphone version only, and the same computer version that works on the  emulator .

  • Facilities in PUBG : While there are also a range of laxatives, which include Red Dot, which help improve target vision.

  • Magnifying lenses in PUBG for PC : There is also a  holgramsight that  provides improved vision similar to a telephoto lens, but not the same as a telephoto lens, of course.
There are also many attachments that enable the player to improve weapon control, such as: -

  • Thus, the additional handles that provide a lot of recoil that dampens the weapon's vibration are able to kill easily from afar because the weapon is more stable.

  • There are also many front additions that you put in all weapons, such as the  compressor  that is used to make the weapon more stable or adding a silencer that helps you disguise, because it silences the sound of the shots fired from the weapon so that no one can reveal your location.

  • There is also a rear part of the weapon, in which a part is placed to hold the weapon during firing from a distance.

Recently, according to the various updates that the development company adds to the game of Pubg, many new materials and services have been added during the game, including materials in the war so that you can easily reach victory, and these services and tools are in choosing the team's uniform, It is possible to choose unified weapons for the team. Points can also be calculated for the team in general, and when the number of points reaches 100 points, they will win various resources within the game, and these points are obtained by killing in the game of Peggy on the computer, or by helping friends in the game of Pubg for mobile or PUBG computer, where you can locate a small and specific place and get those resources and services that put you first, you can win and your team wins at the end of the gym.

Description of the game Pubg for computer and mobile

We also talked that PUBG is a game that depends on fighting and continuing in the life force, and as we know that fighting games in general depend on control as your fighting skills show them through your control so that the Korean company for the game Tencent has achieved a flexible and wonderful control industry, this control enables you to During it to show your skills and personal skills that differentiate between the player and others, after downloading the game to your computer by downloading the game emulator, you take some steps to start playing, which are: -

  1. The game opens through the direct link to download the game, found at the bottom of the article.
  2. Then, you can register through your Facebook account or Google Play account.
  3. The game starts and then puts you in training until you become familiar with the control and gameplay system of the game.
  4. The game displays its commands in front of you to see where to find the clothes, where the weapons are, and what your upgrade is. It takes control of your control system, changes to it and game graphics, and a few other additions.
  5. After that, you can choose which map you want to play and what type of matches to play as a foursome, duo or singles team. Is it a normal fighting match where you stay alive and win or a war and the team that scores the most points wins and then presses start to start the fight.
  6. You are placed on a primitive map and the countdown begins to prepare for the fight, then you install the plane and determine where you want to land and then jump from the plane closer to the place you specified, after landing on the ground you start collecting weapons from the ground.

Features of the great fighting game Pubg

It should be noted that the game of Pubg is one of the wonderful games that is characterized by the fighting spirit that takes you to the world of action and adventure, and is characterized by many wonderful movements as well as a set of different characteristics and abilities that make you live the adventure in full transparency, and through the following paragraph explain the most important features that distinguish It has a game of Pubg on the phone as well as the computer.

  • The game is free for phones and computers by the Phoenix system and the Tencent emulator.
  • In the game there is a flexible control system designed with an automatic emulator.
  • Modification power has been added to  the ready control  as required.
  • Many gameplay systems, such as war based on those who score highest or the still alive system, are the winner.
  • The game has a nice graphic and it also embodies the characters.
  • There are many maps that you can fight on.
  • The map is beautifully designed for a completely realistic test as Grass and Sand.
  • There are a large number of weapons that you will find on the map during the game.
  • There are many different bombs such as explosive and smoke bombs.
  • There are many other additives like a first aid box to treat yourself and an energy drink.
  • There are many additions that he must collect in order to add many properties to the weapon.
  • The game does not depend in any way on paying money to get better.
  • You can play solo, doubles, or with a team of 4 people.
  • There is an in-game chat so you can send simple messages to your friends.
  • There is a mike in the game with which you can talk to your team or the entire game.
  • There are many types of cars that you will find inside the game.
  • There is a lens through which you can search without needing to change your direction.
  • There is more than one server that you can subscribe to, including European server and Asia server.

A step-by-step video explanation of the game Pubg for the computer

PUBG MOBILE Android game features and new updates

  • PUBG Mobile is one of the fighting games that many people love everywhere in the world, and therefore we do not find many fans, it is free in the first place, while it depends on team play from everywhere in the world.
  • The game works great on Android platforms, without interruption or interference.
  • The game has high quality graphics as well as great graphics, more realistic and more impressive in reality.
  • High-quality effects with cool 3D design and HD quality for all fans of lovely and cute shapes.
  • The roads are beautiful and wonderful in all the different regions, which are distinguished by the beauty of nature and the wonderful picturesque landscapes.

The systems that the game Pubg runs on

The game works on the Android operating system for regular smartphones and the iOS operating system for iPhone phones, and many systems have been released to run the game on the computer such as: -

1- The Phoenix Os operating system is the system installed on your computer, and this system is similar to the Android system and thus you can run the game on the computer, and there is also a store on the system to download games from it, such as the control system is placed as you want and this is done through: -

  • Put the first buttons on the parts of the game, such as placing the tap button on the bag, by just pressing the button that opens the bag.
  • The fire button is positioned and programmed so that you press the left mouse button.
  • The location button is placed in the center of the screen and for moving the mouse, your weapon is aimed.
  • You can assign a button via the "setting" menu to release the mouse.
  • Pad is positioned   for movement, so you can cycle through letters W, S, A, D.

2- Tencent emulator, this emulator, which was released by the game manufacturer, through which you can run the game on your Windows system, and this system was designed for its own control with the ability to modify it as you like.

It should be noted that the game has recently managed to obtain the arena of electronic war games, and it can be played on the phone or computer as shown in the article, but there is a paid version, but it is still achieving a great success rate among the action games compared to other mobile games, and has achieved a percentage of sales Very big in the Arab world in general, and although the game has reached a large number of players, there are many who want to know more and learn about it.

Ways to play the game of Pubg to improve performance and ensure victory

  • Open the game on the settings page graphics on  the Graphics  , and then adjust the game lines as shown in the picture, and then adjust the width  Medium  and medium on the color screen  Color : Colorful . 

  • Step Two: Enter the Control List  Control -  , and then save it as shown in the picture, and then click Save to save the word

  • Third Step: Choose  Sensitivity  via the settings menu as shown in the picture.

  • The last step is the iPhone chat settings

It should be noted that the competitive atmosphere inside the game is what makes it more enthusiastic and creates a spirit of fun in the game, and after we have provided you with a method in the settings to provide the greatest chances of winning, it will show you ways to win quickly in the game of Pubg.

  • The first experience in the game of Pubg : This feature is one of the characteristics that make you learn the game faster, and you will gain a quick experience if you see friends in the game, and they were more experienced, and also it will bring you to life in the event of death at the beginning of the round, and there are a lot of other directions , Such as the type of equipment, weapons and ammunition and how to handle them.
  • Selection of the landing area : It is worth noting that the maps in the game of Peggy are very large, which makes it easier for you to get out of danger, so choose an unknown location on the street, and try to land in a place with buildings in order to hide in it, in addition to reaching the places in it, there is Lots of weapons and equipment, for example, the shooting area is one of the ideal isolated areas, while Pochinki or School is crowded and more dangerous.

Pictures of the game Pubg on the computer and mobile

The free PUBG game for the computer represents the main goal of every player who is obsessed with Rattle games, so all players ride the plane at the beginning of the game until they go to the battlefield, and the plane goes straight in the shape of the map, has a lot of different places, in addition to the different suburbs that fill the game with excitement and fun , All you have to do in the game of Peggy is to select the desired place and then prepare to jump in the place, but be careful to jump in vital places where there are a lot of people and eliminate you by other players, so try to jump in a place where there is no one, There are a lot of other and unusual weapons and then collect weapons and start the war with the enemies and try to eliminate them in all possible ways.

How to download the game Pubg on the computer in more than one way

It should be noted that there is more than one effective way to download the PUBG game on the computer completely free of charge, and we will explain it to all of you in order to choose from and choose between them: -

  • Nox emulator NoxPlayer

It should be noted that the nox Player emulator is one of the distinctive emulators used in general, but with the advent of the action game and the battles of PUBG, we found that it has proven its high efficiency, and it works to run the game continuously without interruption or confusion, and in the event of program frenzy, wipe the data and profiles Link then restart again.
  • Tencent simulator 
Tencent emulator is   one of the most prominent simulations for running Android programs and applications on the computer, and it was specially developed to run the game in PUBG on the computer, which is the game that has gained wide popularity all over the world, and we find that the application is available in both Chinese and English languages, in addition to that it features a simple interface It very does not require effort from you to deal with, until you find that the game is used in an easy and simple way without knowing the details of a game or making an effort for a game from the games of PUBG on the computer, and in fact it is considered the best emulator to run the game of PUBG for the computer easily.

The Pubg game download link for computer and mobile with a direct link

Through the following lines, we will review all direct links for you in order to get the game directly, and provide you with links for all systems, which are a link to download a web page for the computer through the operating simulator and available on Tenset, in addition to a link to download the game on the Phoenix Os operating system, And also a link to download Pubg on Android, in addition to a link to download Pubg on iPhone, and a link to download to computer.

Tencent Simulator: -

  • The space of the emulator is 9 MB.
  • You download the game from within the emulator to reach 2 GB.

Phoenix Os: -

  • System space is 800 MB.
  • System version 3.0.7
  • The game is downloaded through the Google Play Store on the operating system.
  • You define the internal space of the system while installing it.

For Android: -

  • 40MB download file space.
  • The game version is 0.10.0
  • Date of update 12/18/2018.
  • The game requires a newer Android OS 4.3a version.

Liaison: -

  • The game space is 3 GB.
  • The game version is 0.10.0
  • Date of update 12/18/2018.
  • The game requires a newer iOS version 9.0a.