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Download Call of Duty: Mobile for PC

Tencent is proud to introduce a new member of the multi-platform Call of Duty franchise; Call of Duty Mobile  ! One of the most anticipated games of 2019, I met Call of Duty Mobile players from all over the world, not only on mobile devices, but also on computers, thanks  to the gaming platform  GameLoop  exclusive  own  . Call of Duty Mobile for PC  , which brings breath-taking into Battle Royale mode with GameLoop, will also be the setting for your PC's toughest challenges.

Call of Duty: Mobile for PC Kill of Duty crown your own CoDM adventure with GameLoop!

Game Loop  , is a gaming platform that allows mobile games to be played via computer. GameLoop announced  its partnership with  Tencent  , the only exclusive game emulator with which you can play  Call of Duty Mobile on a Windows PC  . With its exclusive release, GameLoop avoids narrow vision on smartphones, provides more convenient and faster games with mouse / keyboard support, and prevents the issue of fast charging depletion on phones  for COD Mobile operators  .

Call of Duty: Mobile for PC game Kill of Duty supports 2K!

The GameLoop gaming platform allows players to enjoy  Call of Duty Mobile  with the highest graphics and visual quality. System support for up to 2K resolution also applies to the game app. Players can play the game with the advantages of resolution and visual quality of computer games.

Special precautions against cheating in Call of Duty: Mobile for PC kill of Duty!

Thanks to the dedicated anti-cheat system for  Call of Duty Mobile for Desktop  , Tencent provides players with all support to create a fair environment. The anti-cheat system, which constantly scans the platform and games, gives no relief to cheaters. With GameLoop-supported anti-cheat system, FPS players will never escape the fight.

Players can enjoy high definition with the exclusive GameLoop game emulator, as well as easier and faster controls with keyboard and mouse support. Gamers who play games on a wider screen than smartphones can shoot more accurately with sharper controls. In addition, players can focus more on the game, leaving problems like "low battery" and "connection error" with GameLoop games platform.

Information on GameLoop

GameLoop is a PC gaming platform launched in 2018. Entering the global market originally as an emulator for Android allows players to play mobile games on the PC, and now has more than 50 million monthly active users worldwide. So far there are over 70 popular games on GameLoop including  PUBG Mobile  , FreeFire, Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends and 200 more games that won't be updated soon. Owning an innovative self-drive AOW, exclusive pay, protection, and acceleration, as well as multi-platform games, live system, audio-social system, and news steam, GameLoop aims to provide a comprehensive game service to both gamers and game developers.

About Call of Duty: Mobile for PC, Kill of Duty

Battle with multiplayer maps and play your favorites modes as you strive to be the best in the world in CoDM Desktop, Activision, Garni and VNG.

The basis of  Call of Duty: Mobile  is a heart-pumping multiplayer game. In CoDM for PC, you'll play many classic maps and modes across the  Call of Duty franchises   , including Call of Duty: Black Ops and the Modern Warfare original series. The multiplayer game is just the beginning. Over the coming months, stay tuned for updates to additional game modes, including the unique Call of Duty Battle Royale experience.

Download the game Call of Duty: Mobile for PC Kill of Duty for the computer