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Download Weather Lord 6: Legendary Hero for free for PC




Ask Olympus to help you save your loved one before all hope is gone! Everything seems to be going well when the Weather Lord and his wife, Olivia, leave their home to enjoy some R&D, but when they reach their destination on the island, the place is in ruins. Then, without warning. Olivia is sucked in through a portal and the portal closes, apparently taking the Queen away from hers forever. However, the hero will always find a way to make things right.

To save Olivia, you must wield the power of sun, wind, rain, and more as you face towering obstacles, encounter strange enemies, and mend a ruined land. Manage your resources well, and victory will be yours. With every exciting move you take, you will get powerful new rewards and then face new challenges that require you to use them in smart ways. You will also rebuild villages, engage in trade and interact with mythical Greek gods, free games, strategy games.



Game features:

  • Dozens of challenging levels!
  • Vibrant graphics and animation!
  • An exciting story of romance and adventure!
  • Prizes and achievements galore!
  • Step by step tutorial!

System requirements

Release date: March 18, 2022

Genre: Time Management

Game Developer: Alawar

Operating System: Windows

Language: US English

Memory: 1024MB RAM

File size: 702MB

Download Weather Lord 6: Legendary Hero for free for PC

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