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Download Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads Free for PC




Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads is set in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies. Only the bravest, most experienced drivers and hardest survivors survived. Go on a zombie slaying spree in your car and clear your way of debris and enemies!

In this zombie survival game, pay attention to the level of fuel, armor and the amount of ammo you have otherwise your car may fail in the middle of the run! Earn money and spend your money on new monster cars, big guns and vehicle improvements. Go ahead and give it a play! The goal is to achieve 3 stars in all stages. Can you do this and be among the best players in this game?

Zombie Derby: Block Roads is part of the popular Zombie Derby series! If you like this game, you can also try Zombie Derby and Zombie Derby 2 .

Game features:

  • Thrilling undead action
  • Many types of cars and trucks to choose from and customize
  • Endless paths for you to break through
  • Perform stunts as you kill zombies for more points!



Free download Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads game for PC

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System requirements

File size: 45MB

Operating System: Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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