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Start playing America's Army 3 today. US Army fans and new players alike can now try America's Army 3, the official US Army game, that contains more authentic military elements including training, technology, weapons and sound than any other military game. Designed on Unreal Engine 3, the AA3 offers characters, environments, lighting effects, animations, and team-based experiences in stunning realism. In the game where Every Detail Counts ™, players adhere to ROE and gain experience as you navigate challenges in multiplayer , multiplayer operations., Strength over strength. With 15 different sets of maps / missions and exclusive advanced training that allow you to unlock new capabilities and customize your equipment, you'll test a U.S. Army soldier like never before. Gain unparalleled power in an unparalleled game. Start your mission now! Download AA3 today and become a member of the elite US Army team!

Download America's Army game for free for computer


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