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Download Sudden Strike 2 free for PC


Description of Sudden Strike 2 game

You stand on the frontline at the center of realistic strategic battles, which will surprise and accelerate even the most intelligent strategist. You will have to fight on water, on land and in the air to achieve your goals. Command German, Russian, English, American and even Japanese forces on battlefields around the world. Whether you encounter AI in 5 campaigns or fight generals around the world in fully repaired multiplayer mode ... the war is far from over! Download the free full version computer game and start your battle! Free game features: - 5 countries to play: Germans, Russians, English, Americans and Japanese. - More than 50 missions in 5 separate campaigns or scenarios; - Increased degree of realism: fully repaired unit values; - more than 50 new units; - Combat battles in three difficulty levels. - Controllable boats allow you to cross rivers. - supplies and additional firepower provided by controllable rail; - Each machine unit has separately controllable and pick-up crew; Weather system: March forces during rain and snow. - Campaigns specified in the summer and winter landscapes.

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File size: 247 MB
Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10

Download Sudden Strike 2 free for PC