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Description of Sky Runners

Over the beautiful sky, Sky Runners feels like a dreamy adventure adventure between the canyons and valley! However, it is not what it looks like. In Sky runner, you are under constant attack by enemy fighter planes . Plunge at full speed and dodge the incoming projectiles. Shoot your enemy who wants to destroy your plane. During your trip, don't forget the weapon upgrades necessary for your ultimate dominance. Survive this battle and be the best fighter pilot in the world.

Sky Runners game video

Sky Runners game features

  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Cool weapon upgrades.
  • Various challenging levels that will keep you engaged throughout your adventure journey;
  • Sky Runners is a free full version game to download and play.


File size: 87 MB
Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10

Sky Runners free download for PC