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Description of KILLALLZOMBIES zombie killing game

In the distant future, #KILLALLZOMBIES is pushing civilians to the sport of survival, as the arrogant zombie population has been unleashed in the name of sporting entertainment. With the potential of a mass crowd of over 1,000 zombies, TV viewers vote on the number and type of zombies or obstacles they want to remove to make survival more difficult for you.

Video of the KILLALLZOMBIES zombie killing game

KILLALLZOMBIES zombie killing game features

  • Hordes of zombies to fight on the interactive changing scene.
  • Three modes of play: Survival, Coop and Defend the Vault;
  • Weapons of various types and ammunition;
  • XP, a strong compromise and privileges system.

Download KILLALLZOMBIES Zombie Killing Game free for PC


File size: 573 MB
Windows 98 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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