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Description of Cradle of Egypt game

Cradle of Egypt is the legitimate successor to the Cradle of ... game series Take a step back in time for the great pre-Pharaohs era and the impressive monuments of Egypt. There, you are the person with the insight to bring all the tribes together and start building what will become one of the greatest civilizations known to mankind. Take the journey and travel through five ancient eras to build your own Egypt. Start from a small village and grow your settlement into a powerful nation with 100 amazing levels. Collect resources then build spectacular structures including the magnificent Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and more. Enjoy three game modes, beautiful hand-drawn graphics, great rewards, challenging mini-games, and over 25 cups.

Cradle of Egypt video game

Cradle of Egypt game features

  • Travel through five eras and build your own Egypt on this fun journey 3
  • Play 100 levels to collect resources, build pyramids, sphinx, etc.
  • Enjoy three modes and over 25 cups;
  • Challenging puzzle mini games to play.
  • A trip to the cradle of Egypt.

Download Cradle of Egypt game free for PC


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